Male Breast Reduction

Males may develop breast tissue [gynaecomastia] either due to puberty, or weight gain.Certain medications can also lead to the development of breast tissue.


Once all reversible causes of breast tissue development have been excluded, and post pubertal breast tissue has not regressed over the specified timeframe, then surgery is embarked upon.


In the case of fatty tissue only-liposuction is performed through a 2 mm incision hidden in the armpit. If there is true glandular tissue- the most effective way is to excise it-and the incision is placed inconspicuously at the margin of the areolar. This is done under sedation, or asleep, and takes 1-2 hours depending on the procedure of choice. It is done as a day case.


The skin heals within 3 days and patients are relatively pain free from the second day postoperatively. A supportive garment must be worn day and night for 2-4 weeks. 

•  Driving: 3 days

•  Back to work: 3 days

•  Exercise: 2 weeks