Plastic surgery covers a broad spectrum of pathologies and aesthetic concerns, so in keeping with running an efficient service, here is some
information to guide you
New Consultations
Consults are scheduled for 30 minutes, and billed at R650-however should you like a minor procedure to be done, please alert my receptionist, so your consult will be scheduled for an hour, and preferably towards the end of the day to prevent keeping my other
patients waiting. There is usually a co-payment with my consult as I have a standard billing policy of 300%[the medical aid rate for
a consult is around R322] Please arrive timeously and be courteous to other patients by not extending your consultation time.
Follow up Consultations and Check up Visits
These visits are scheduled for 15 minutes. Visits within a 3 month period/for the same pathology are not billed for in line
with the South African Medical Associations Guidelines. Follow up visits thereafter will be billed at a reduced rate of R450.
Any consumables/dressings will be billed at relevant "NAPPI" rates and new problems will be billed as a new consultation.
Cancellation Policy
Patients 15 minutes late will be rescheduled, and cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will be booked
at the next available slot which might be some time in the future.
Office Procedures
These procedures must be paid in full at the conclusion of the procedure, and your invoice can be submitted by yourself
to your medical aid. The reason for this, is that medical aids re-imburse these procedures from "patients savings" which
therefore it is often the preference to be scheduled as an in hospital day procedure on another day.
Depending on your medical aid, some lesions will require biopsies/photographs/motivation letters for authorisation so
these might need to be performed.
Many organisations provide patients with a copious amount of forms to be filled out by the doctor, and these forms
are often for the medical aids records of the patient and not part of my direct care to you, the patient.
The amount of organisations, are increasing, and paperwork is often to provide stricter control as to whether the
medical aid will pay for the treatment or not, and as a result, the paper trail is increasing exponentially.
I bill for filling out forms-less than four A4 pages will be billed at R500, and more than this will be billed accordingly-either
R750-R1500 depending on the type of report required. A medical report for employer/insurance will be billed at R500, and
a written motivation to your medical aid requesting authorisation will also be billed-the official treatment SAMA[RPL] code is 0133.