The field of plastic surgery is concerned with restoration of function and form-to improve the quality of life. “Plastikē” is the ancient Greek word for sculpting, however the establishment of plastic surgery as an art and science was born in India- 800 BC by Sushrata-who is regarded as the Father of my Profession.
As a board certified plastic surgeon-I am trained in Aesthetic [or “Cosmetic”] surgery, as well as Reconstructive surgery.
As surgeons, our primary function is to operate, or advise whether an operation will be beneficial at all.
Operating is a balance and culmination of achieving a result as well as ameliorating my patients fears and anxieties.
We operate often to cover defects or holes, either because of birth defects or after cancer or trauma, or the aging process.
We also restore the body aesthetically, shaping, contouring
and realistically assisting in turning back the hands of time.
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