Fillers are used to plump up areas that have tended to sink or deflate with time, creating contour deformities.
Fillers also help improve the appearance of skin.
Types of filler can be temporary[hyaluronic acid] or permanent [fat]
Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the skin and its tendency to dissipate with age creates this loss of a youthful appearance-it is also my filler of choice.
Patients often notice that they are unable to conceal the deflated appearance that occurs around the eyes, lips, and cheeks with make up, and it is often more evident in lighting from above. This is a good time to have fillers.
Hyaluronic fillers are typically injected on consultation and can be expected to last many months. There are no scars left, and downtime is minimal. It is rare to have swelling or bruising beyond a day.
Fat is injected whilst awake in theatre and is done as a day case-often it needs to be repeated, as the “take” of the fat graft is not always predictable.