Breast Enlargement[Augmentation]

This procedure is aimed at enlarging breasts, providing minimal lift, and correcting a degree of asymmetry should it exist. The size of implant used is a decision that must be carefully pondered upon, taking into consideration various factors.


There are various reasons one might consider this procedure. Sometimes breasts have not grown sufficiently after puberty, and on the other hand breasts might have deflated with age. Certain types of breast deformities can also be corrected by combining an implant and surgical techniques which can be elaborated upon further during consultation.


The breast implant is inserted via a 4cm incision concealed under the breast in the crease[worldwide the most popular method], or around the areolar. Other methods have been described example through the axilla or umbilicus-this can be discussed further during consultation. The implant is then placed above or below the muscle depending on the breast tissue thickness. It takes an hour and performed asleep and done as a day case.


The skin is healed after 5 days. A supportive sports bra is used for 3 months-day and night to help the implant settle into the optimal position. Pain is managed well with basic over the counter medication

•  Driving: 5-7 days

•  Back to work: 3-5 days

•  Exercise: 3 months