Breast Lift [Mastopexy]

Breast reductions are performed in patients that have decreased functioning due to their breast size, and also have problems related to ill-fitting bras, backache and rashes. A decision as to what size, i.e. what degree of breast preservation is desired will be discussed during consultation.


This procedure may either be performed:

1. At an early age-[preferably after 18 years] old once the breasts have stopped growing and the patient has formed a mature approach to what size she would like her breasts to be, or

2.  Later on in life once the patient feels it will improve her quality of life.


The aim of the procedure is to both reshape and lift the breast whilst maintaining projection and correcting asymmetry, and still providing a feminine curvature in the patients desired clothing. The scars are around the areolar, and under the breast. This is done while asleep, and it takes 3 hours, and patients stay overnight. Depending on the amount of tissue removed-drains are used overnight.


The skin heals within 5 days and patients are relatively pain free from the second day postoperatively. There is often transient loss of nipple sensation which usually recovers. A supportive bra must be worn day and night for 4 weeks.

•  Driving: 7 days

•  Back to work: 7-10 days

•  Exercise: 3 months