Breast Reduction

Due to the combination of the unrelenting forces of gravity, deflation of breast tissue and attenuation of the skin and suspensory ligaments of the breast tissue, breasts sag over a period of time, to an undesirable level. Depending on patients goals, the amount of lifting, removing or enlarging [with or without an implant] will be discussed during the consultation


The breasts are reshaped and lifted accordingly, and the scars are hidden around the areolar and under the breast. If implants are needed to correct deflation-a decision to place them above or below the muscle will be discussed depending on the amount of breast tissue available. The procedure is done while asleep, takes 2-3 ½ hours depending on the surgical plan and patients will stay overnight depending on the procedure performed. Minor lifts take 1 ½ hours and are performed as day cases.


The skin heals within 5 days and patients are relatively pain free from the second day postoperatively. A supportive bra must be worn day and night for 4 weeks

.•  Driving: 7 days

•  Back to work: 7-10 days

•  Exercise: 3 months