This is a procedure performed to address deformities of the nose such as

• Nose humps

• Deviation/asymmetry

• Poor definition

• Size


This procedure is performed when the patient sees the deformity as impairing function at any level-be it aesthetically, or functionally. Ideally the patient should be at least 16 years old for aesthetic concerns.


The procedure is performed in a well hidden scar under the nose-on the “columella” in most cases. It is performed with the patient asleep- and takes 1 ½ hours to 3 hours depending on what work needs to be performed. Patients may choose to stay overnight.


Bruising, particular if any bony work has been performed,[under the eyes] will subside in 10 days. Nasal swelling subsides from a week onwards.

•  Driving: 3-5 days 

•  Back to work: 1-2 weeks

•  Exercise: 4 weeks