Fat Injections

The aging process inevitable leads to gain in fatty deposits in unwanted areas and loss or deflation leading to loss of the “glow of youth” in the skin. Fat transfer is a method to counteract this.


This depends on the indication, for example, tear trough deformities under the eyes can become evident in the mid 30’s. There is a wide range of indications and we can discuss this in detail.


Fat is harvested[from the various areas-mostly abdomen and thighs] via an inconspicuous incision -and injected into areas where is needed. It can be done awake, with some sedation or asleep. Time is variable-eg cheek rejuvenation takes 60 minutes. The procedure is done as a day case.


The bruising from the region of harvest settles in 7 days, and the donor region settles after 5 days. Fat that is harvested has often unpredictable survival, and depending on the desired outcome-might need to be repeated.

•  Driving: 1-3 days

•  Back to work: 2-3 days

•  Exercise: 1 week