Our eyes are the windows to our souls, and naturally may require rejuvenation. With age, we can unfortunately have an appearance of constantly looking tired or unhappy.


There is no prescribed age that is applicable to all individuals-however the benefit is seen from the age of 45 


The scar in hidden in the hairline and then inconspicuously around the base of the ear. The procedure is performed as a day case-most patients choose to stay in overnight. The procedure usually takes 3-3 ½ hours. The procedure can be performed awake but sedated, or completely asleep. Other procedures are added at the same time depending on the patients desires example neck lift, fillers, botox or fat injections. 


The scars are hidden well and are barely noticeable after 3 months. Swelling and bruising settles within 10days and I recommend using icepacks for the first 3 days/

•  Driving: 5-7 days

•  Back to work: after 10 days-2 weeks

•  Exercise: 4 weeks