Prominent Ears [Bat Ears]

Prominent ears is when the ears have an unnatural appearance of protruding beyond what we would regard as conventionally normal, creating a facial profile that is out of balance.


Generally the best time to perform surgery is before school going age, however it is also performed as an adult.


The procedure is performed with a single incision well hidden behind the ear. In children-it is performed asleep, where as in adulthood-it is done awake. It takes 2 hours and done as a day case.


The skin heals after 3 days, however precautions are taken for a few weeks thereafter to allow the cartilage to remould in position

•  A head bandage is worn all the time for 2 weeks

•  A bandage is worn around the head at night only for 3 weeks

•  Contact sports are permitted from 6 weeks-provided a protective bandage is worn up to 3 months post surgery

•  Swimming may be commenced 2 weeks after surgery