Neck Lift

This procedure is also sometimes known as a mini or lower face lift. It is primarily for neck deformities e.g poor jawline definition, loose skin, or fatty deposits, possibly a combination of the above. Also sometimes referred to as a Double-chin or Turkey-neck


Fatty deposits can be of concern to the patient early in adulthood, however other aspects of the aging neck e.g bands and saggy skin, are generally only visible after the mid-40's.


This procedure takes many different forms depending the indication 

• Isolated liposuction-hidden 2mm incision hidden under the chin, occasionally also         behind the ear

• Neck approach - a 4 cm incision hidden under the chin

• Face approach-this is a smaller version of the face lift incision. The procedure is performed asleep or awake under sedation. It is generally performed as a day procedure and takes 1-2 ½ hours.


Liposuction only-the wound will ooze for 3 days, bruising lasts 7 days and swelling is evident for 7 days. Neck and face approach-bruising settles in 7 days.

•  Driving: 3-5 days

•  Back to work: 1-2 weeks

•  Exercise: 4 weeks