Tummy Tuck[Abdominoplasty]

This is a tailor made procedure according to the abdominal concerns of the patient.This is ranges on a spectrum from needing just liposuction[with good skin quality], to excision of skin only, to a combination of procedures with tightening up of abdominal muscles[full abdominoplasty]


The ideal patient is within ideal body mass and has maintained their weight over 6 months. If the patient is a suitable candidate for liposuction only-it is seen as a body sculpting or contouring procedure and can be done at any stage-but younger patients [<40 years old] with good skin quality obtain better results. Males that desire improved abdominal or “spare tyre” reduction also fit into this category.

If skin excision and surgical tightening of abdominal muscles is required- it is best to wait once a decision has been made to not have any more children.Patients that have also lost a significant amount of weight but cannot get rid of the apron of skin also benefit from this procedure. This is not an operation for overweight patients.


In patients whereby any removal of excess skin is needed-the scar is placed below the bikini/panty line. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed-the belly button is also placed in its natural positionThis is done asleep, and takes 2-3 hours, and is can be done as a day case, if a full abdominoplasty is performed-overnight stay is best.


The skin is healed in 7 days and it is imperative to sleep on your back with pillows behind the knees to take tension off the scar line during this time, alternatively on your sides with knees and hips bent. The first 3 days post operatively, patients should walk slightly hunched over for the same reason

•  Driving: 2 weeks

•  Back to work: 2 weeks

•  Exercise: 8 weeks