Arm Lift[Brachioplasty]

The arm lift reshapes the area from the armpit to the elbow. It removes excess fat, smoothens out the skin and provides a more toned appearance


The skin from the armpit to the elbow stretches and sags with time, and prevent patients from wearing specific types of clothing. Ideal candidates are not overweight.This occurs with age, however weight loss could also result in excess skin and soft tissue.


Depending on how much fat and/or skin need to be removed- the incision line will vary. The incision line for a significant improvement extends from the armpit to just above the elbow- and is placed on the inside or back of the arm, this may be combined with liposuctionIt is performed asleep, and takes 2 hours and done as a day case


The skin heals after 5 days however these scars tend to be darker and may stretch slightly, but improves significantly after 9-12 months. A pressure garment is worn continuously for 3 weeks and thereafter up to 6 weeks to smooth out the area 

•  Driving: 2 weeks

•  Back to work: 1 - 2 weeks

•  Exercise: 4 - 6 weeks