Pre Operative Instructions for Dr O.R Singh

To get the best surgical result, I have compiled a set of instructions which must be followed. This serves as a guide, and remember I can always be contacted at any time should you have any queries.

One month before surgery:

  • Refrain from smoking/or any forms of nicotine-it impairs healing and causes skin death.

Two weeks before surgery:

  • No aspirin, non-steriodals, omega-3, herbal teas or over the counter preparations-they cause bleeding.

The week before surgery:

  • Prepare for your post operative period at home.
  • Do not remove any hair-this can cause a folliculitis.
  • Start using an antibacterial soap.
  • Report to DR SINGH should you develop a cold/flu.
  • Stock up on food/amenities/books and movies for your recovery time.
  • Contact a friend/relative and have them on standby for any basic assistance for your post op period.

The day of surgery:

  • Don’t be nervous, breathing always helps.
  • If you are having local anaesthetic [awake surgery]-you may eat and drink your usual meals.
  • If you are having general anaesthetic[you will be asleep]-do not eat or drink from 6 hours before surgery [children-  clear fluids 2 hours before/mothers milk 4 hours before/formula 6 hours before]
  • We will inform you as to what chronic meds to be taken.
  • No makeup, jewelry, false eyelashes/nails/or wigs. Wear glasses, not contact lenses.
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes-button up tops are recommended.
  • Come into the hospital-to reception at the instructed time, and you will be allocated to your bed.
  • You will be reviewed by my anaesthetist [in the ward, or in theatre receiving area ] whom will inform and consent you.
  • I will mark you thereafter and see you before we take you to theatre should you have any more questions.
  • It can all be rather daunting, but we are here to make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.