Now that we have met, and gone through what the surgery entails, here are just a few guidelines on the upcoming weeks prior to your surgical day.

1 month prior to surgery:

-Refrain from smoking completely, it impairs healing, can cause stretched, widened, elevated and thickened darker scars, as well as causing skin death.

2 weeks prior to surgery:

-Avoid anything with aspirin, or any flu medication combinations-these contain blood thinning drugs

1 week prior to surgery:

-Stop all over the counter medications including vitamins and avoid anything over 1 unit of alcohol[a glass of wine/ a beer] per night. 

-Stop all health and gym supplements completely .

-Stop any tea preparations[green tea/health tea] other that the normal varieties. 

-Avoid anything with aspirin, or any flu medication combinations-these contain blood thinning drugs.

-This is for 2 weeks prior to surgery.[any other blood thinning medication must be reported to Dr Singh if you happened to omit this on my information/consult form.] 

-Continue taking all other medications.

Day of Surgery:

-Anxiety is expected, mixed with excitement, but most importantly, a feeling that you are in the best hands and will be well looked after throughout your whole surgical experience. 

-Chat to me about any last minute questions you have, I pride myself in being an approachable person, not just an approachable surgeon. 

-Don’t eat or drink from the specified time on your admission slip, and come through to the day ward where I will go through things again. 

-I will prescribe some meds to take the edge off and get you a bit drowsy before you are wheeled into theatre [this is called a pre-med] 

-Depending on the surgery to be performed, you will either have conscious sedation or a full anaesthetic.


We will wake you up in theatre and transfer you back to the ward. You might have nasal plugs so don’t panic or try and pull them out.You will also have an external nasal splint.

You might have some bloody discharge but we will show you have to dab this post op. You will be discharged with some painkillers, and anti-inflammatories, and some antibacterial ointment, as well as a saline nasal spray

The local anaesthesia wears off in approx 5 hours so please take as much meds as you require to alleviate the symptoms Antibiotics will be prescribed for  days[take some over the counter probiotics should you have a sensitive stomach] 

Do not smoke, take any alcohol, or start any over the counter meds or any other of the blood thinners as set out in my pre-op formDo start your chronic meds[besides blood thinners] the day of surgery. 

When you get home, icing might be prescribed[to the cheek area only] continue icing  every three hours for 60 mins at a time[on each side]-swelling peaks 3 days after surgery and settles thereafter.-pop some ice packs or ice in a “zip lock” and place them in the cheek area.

Please sleep on your back and on at least 2 pillows/or elevate the head of the bed-it helps to improve the swelling. 

I will see you in the rooms a day after surgery to remove the nasal plugs[Relief!!],which is not painful, just uncomfortable so don’t be stressed. 

Spray each nostril briskly with the nasal spray, allow it to drip out for a few minutes, then clean it as far as am earbud tip only may be inserted[nostril rim] and apply the ointment with the earbud. 

Shower 2 days after surgery[keep the area dry] 

I will remove the stitches 5-7 days thereafter, in my rooms, and don’t be stressed- it is not sore, and takes 2 minutes. 

Expect approx 2-6 weeks for the swelling to subside significantly,  in some cases it may take up to 9 months- 1 year, and it depends on what surgery you have had done, also the type of soft tissue envelope you have.

Don’t massage, limit full physical activity to approx 3 weeks post op, I do operate on many professional sportsman, so I discourage as much contact sports for up to 6 weeks post op.  

I will see you again in a month, then 3, 6 months post op as well as a year post op. Rhinoplasty is one of the trickiest surgical procedures and also one that patients might be the most anxious thereof. 

We always aim for perfection, it is one of the procedures I do enjoy most,  I also do repeat rhinoplasties, and nasal reconstructions, it is a lifelong bond between surgeon and patient, and I don’t mind as many post op visits as deemed necessary.

In certain cases, I also use “fillers” to correct any residual deformities. 

You will be most happy with your new and improved nose!