Hand Surgery


You will have a crepe bandage and a splint on your hand in post cases, and your hand will be numb/tingly due to the local anaesthetic injections. 

You will be discharged with some painkillers, and antiinflammatories, and some antibacterial ointment, possibly a collar and cuff to elevate your hand. 

The local anaesthesia wears off in approx 3 hours so please take as much meds as you require to alleviate the symptoms.

Antibiotics are not recommended as apart from the side effects, the type of procedure does not warrant it-I will however prescribe some if your lesion was offensive, ulcerated or infected, or your hand was crushed or severely contaminated[ in this case- you will be admitted] 

Do not smoke, take any alcohol, or start any over the counter meds or any other of the blood thinners as set out in my pre-op form

Do start your chronic meds[besides blood thinners] the day of surgery. 

When you get home- it is of utmost importance that you elevate your hand on a pillow at bedtime –for the first 3 days after surgery. 

You may shower after surgery-put your hand in a plastic bag. 

In most cases-  I will remove the stitches 14 days after surgery in my rooms [it takes 2 minutes and is not painful]You might have been referred to a therapist  post op- your current splint will be replaced with a thermoplastic one, and if you had a tendon injury-n they will guide you as to the post op exercises-please strictly adhere to these as you could cause your tendon to rupture. 

I will see you again in a month, then 3 months post op/ or at any period that the therapist is concerned.