• Unfortunately these procedures are not covered by medical aids.
  • When you’re considering a procedure-you will be given a quote which includes:
    •      My surgical fee
    •      My Anaesthetists fee
    •      The hospital fee[theatre time]
    •      Any post operative garment
  • This fee is payable a week prior to the procedure-banking details will be made available to you.
  • I do not offer any payment plans for cosmetic procedures, however there is a company[First Health Finance] of which i have no affiliation nor benefits, and they offer financial aid to assist paying for these procedures.
  • The practice of operating on individuals is never an exact science despite being a qualified super-specialist.
  • Complications do arise, e.g. infection/blood clots/wound breakdown. Should any additional surgical procedure/treatment be necessary because of complications or a less than optimal result, Dr Singh will carry this out at his discretion without further charge-besides consumables used. You, the patient will be liable for any additional hospital/anaesthetic fees.

I sincerely hope this has been of assistance- and often- the most difficult part is communicating/motivating to have procedures done through medical aids.